Student Handbook

This handbook will help you understand our program's goals, the attitudes and practices that will help you meet them, and the available resources.

Welcome to the Program

We wish you great success and enjoyment in your study of German! Viel Erfolg und Vergnügen!
Introduction to new students

Learning Together, Learning for All

We get it - everyone's different. Each of you joining us has a special story to tell, and we can't wait to hear it! Some of you have been learning German for a long time, while others are just starting out. Maybe you've been to Germany, or maybe you've never left your hometown. Some of you love chatting in German, others might be a bit shy but are great at grammar. Some might know loads about German culture, or just what you learned in class. But that's okay - whether you're a beginner or a pro, our German program at KSU welcomes you.

Our Paths, Our Goals

We all have different dreams. You might want to travel, work, or even live in a German-speaking country. Perhaps you're thinking of using German in your career, like in business, tech, public service, teaching, or law. Or maybe you love learning new things and exploring other cultures. And of course, some of you might not know how German fits into your future yet - and that's cool too! Whatever your journey, the German program at KSU is here to help you succeed.

Never Stop Learning

Remember, learning is a never-ending journey. This German program is a stepping stone in that journey, which started way before you joined us and will continue far into the future. It's a myth that you can master a language in just four years - but don't worry, our program is designed to put you on the right track. All of us, your professors, have been where you are and we can't wait to guide you. This experience can transform your life and open new possibilities you haven't even dreamed of. No matter what's in store for your future, KSU's German program will build a strong foundation for you to reach your goals.
Guess what? Many of our graduates have made their dreams come true, and you can too!