🌍Study Abroad in Münster

Spend a month or two in Münster’s language school WiPDaF to get a semester or two of German course credit.


  • Expenses. Students pay €800 per month to cover Münster tuition and housing.

  • Scholarships. Max.12 students will receive $2,500 of funding to defray expenses.

  • Credits. Students earn 3 GRMN course credits for each month.

  • Timeline. Apply early and no later than February 1 for month-long stays in June or July.


⌨️Apply for an Experience


WipDaF Münster offers intensive German language and culture courses at affordable prices and varying lengths of sojourns (approx. €400/month). Placement test ensures appropriate level of instruction. They also offer housing (€400/month) and social programs. Course completion can earn you credit for one GRMN course per month, and 12 students are eligible to receive stipends ($2,500 each) to offset costs for airfare, housing, and course fees.


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