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WLC 2306

WLC 2306: Voices of Dissent

About the Seminar

This course offers a passport into the hidden world of dissent. Here, we bear witness to art’s extraordinary capacity to challenge tyranny and empower the persecuted. Together, we will trace a legacy of courage that still echoes, calling us to lives of freedom and fearless creativity. We will traverse the world's continents in this seminar, and give voice to non-canonical authors and artists of Europe, Central and South America, Africa, West Asia, and South and East Asia.

Getting to Know Each Other

Next semester, your guide will be Dr. Dylan Goldblatt (Ph.D., Germanic Languages and Literatures; Graduate Certificate in Comparative Literature). Before coming to KSU, Dr. Goldblatt lived in Europe and Asia. He is also a researcher in the field of Law in Literature.
We are thrilled to hear about your interest in this first-of-its-kind academic journey into the modern history of artistic dissent. Explore this rich literary and artistic theme of resistance next semester, and learn to create and speak truth for yourself.

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