🌍Study Abroad in Paderborn

Maximize your immersion and speaking abilities with a semester or year abroad.


  • πŸ€‘ Expenses. Students pay for airfare, housing, insurance, and on-the ground public transport, and KSU tuition (financial aid etc. applies).

  • πŸ’Ά Scholarships. Max 6 students will receive $3,500 of funding plus 30% reimbursement for cost-of-living expenses (with proof of payment), e.g. for airfare, housing, insurance, and on-the ground public transport.

  • πŸ’Ό Student Assistantships. Optional paid employment at UPB (approx. 10 hrs/week for $400/month.

  • πŸŽ’ Credits. Students earn numerous course credits, depending on study (and work) plan.

  • ⏰ Timeline. Apply in September for Spring travel, apply January-March for Fall travel.


⌨️pageApply for an Experience


Semester-long stay at UPB, co-sponsored by KSU (30% of airfare etc.), The Halle Foundation ($3,500/ea) and UPB (optional paid employment as TA @ approx. $ 400/month). You take a month-long intensive German language-culture "crash course" (Sep. and/or Mar.) free of charge; attend classes during the semester and work as a TA and cultural ambassador for four months (Oct. – Jan. and/or Apr.-Jul) Earn KSU German Studies course credit by submitting work to Dr. Smith. German Studies students have priority, but application is open to all students. A non-TA option allows students to study at UPB for variable lengths of time. Due October 1st for Spring and April 1st for Fall.

How to Prepare



Study abroad to Paderborn requires substantial planning in advance, but if you follow these simple steps, you will be fine and well-prepared. Note: You will need to discuss your plans with KSU German faculty, your academic Major Advisor, and KSU Education Abroad.

  • Timing. Will you go abroad for a semester or a year? Note that German university schedules are not fall and spring, but rather winter and summer. For this reason, single semester exchange students should depart in Spring. Academic year exchange students should depart in Fall.

For one semester, leave in Spring. For two semesters, leave in Fall.

  • Financial Support. In most cases, students will be able to apply their financial aid package from KSU toward their study abroad experience for an academic semester or year. Seek financial aid expertise from that office in order to clarify the terms of support. It is also important to take note of your recurring expenses in the US and wind them down.

Set an appointment with a KSU Financial Aid advisor to clarify your support in advance.

  • Academic Advising. In preparation for your study abroad experience, book appointments to meet with your German faculty advisor, your Education Abroad advisor, and any Academic Advisor that you have (for another major) at KSU. It is important to coordinate with these three parties so that you ensure the courses you take abroad fit into your plan to progress.

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