Internships (Germany)

Through the Joachim Herz Foundation, KSU awards up to six stipends for students pursuing internships for 8-10 weeks in Germany in fields of their choice.


  • Expenses. Students pay for their flight, housing, and course credits.
  • Scholarships. Students can apply for $3,800 of funding.
  • Internships. 8 weeks of practical training in a German workplace.
  • Credits. Students can earn 3-9 credits of GRMN for the internship.
  • Timeline. Apply in September, October, and November for travel in summer.



Generously supported with a $3,800 stipend to you, this opportunity is limited to a total of 6 German Studies students and competitively awarded. Especially for learners interested in advancing professional skills, who will have completed at least two semesters of German prior to departure/start of the virtual internship. Our partners in Germany facilitate 8-week internships with reputable German companies in Hamburg, Berlin, or Bavaria. If travel is an option, we assist with finding housing and completing course credit in KSU GRMN classes (3-9 credits). German Studies Majors and Double Majors have priority, but application is open to all students. The application Deadline is December 1st.

Creating the CV

We recommend that all students who apply to the Herz Foundation Internships follow the document guidelines outlined on Europass CV.