🎯Learning Objectives

Embark on a thrilling journey with our German program! Master the language, explore the culture, and become a confident communicator in German - all in one exciting, enriching package.

Five Goals

Our German program aims to help you hit five key goals, all rolled into everything we do.

  1. Mastering German: Each of our courses will help you get better at reading, writing, speaking, and listening in German. Some courses focus on improving your language skills and understanding of grammar, while others use German while teaching different subjects. It's all about practice and putting your language skills to use. Actively learn vocabulary and keep a handy word list, either in a notebook or on your phone. Keep revising and using new words. Don't forget to use grammar notes from your language courses, and spend a chunk of your day thinking and communicating in German. Practice makes perfect!

  2. Understanding German Texts: German studies aren't just about reading literature; it's about understanding everyday communication, history, and culture too. But, reading and discussing various texts is a fantastic way to improve your language skills. Literature also gives you a peek into different moments in German history, which can help you understand and connect better with Germans today. Plus, it helps build critical thinking, super important for any learning journey!

  3. Info-Savvy in German: Great communication isn't just about speaking a language well; it's also about what you're sharing. Being able to find, understand, and present accurate information is crucial. After all, we're in the age of information overload! As part of your German studies, you'll learn how to filter and use this information, making you a confident communicator in German.

  4. Understanding German Culture: When we talk about "culture", we mean it all - from classic arts to everyday lifestyle and unwritten social norms. Learning about culture is a total experience. That's why spending time in Germany and participating in extra-curricular activities can give you a deep understanding of the German way of life.

  5. Being Comfortable with German Culture: As a German student, you'll get loads of opportunities to interact with Germans and experience their culture, be it in the classroom, through activities, or even studying in Germany. All of these experiences will help you engage deeply with German culture and feel at home in it.

Remember, these goals aren't separate; they all tie together to give you a rich understanding of German language and culture, making your German learning journey exciting and rewarding!

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