Student Council

Representatives from Kennesaw German Studies courses meet and form the German Studies Student Council at Kennesaw State University.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Council comprises representatives (Kurssprecher:in) from the German Studies courses.
  • The course representatives represent the interests of the students in the course section.
  • Representatives transmit ideas, suggestions, and requests from their classmates.
  • Representatives broadcast information and announcements to classmates.
  • Representatives earn an academic incentive through their work. Upon successful completion of their duties, as determined by a vote of the council before the end of scheduled classes, the course representative is entitled to drop one graded activity from the the grade book (via exemption) for the course they represent that semester.


Each member of the Council has voting rights on motions. The chairperson is the spokesperson for the council. The German Studies Student Council meets at least once per semester to discuss important matters and vote on motions. The Council may decide to invite extended participation in votes that impact the entire body of German Studies students.
The German Studies Student Council is designed to support self-governance for students in the German Studies program. The University System of Georgia (USG) announced in its 2024 Strategic Plan that Kennesaw State University should focus its efforts on improving Student Success.
The following focus areas offer guidance to members of the German Studies Student Council:
  • Suggestions for improving the learning experience
  • Suggestions for German language tutoring
  • Suggestions for organizing and operating Kaffeeklatsch

Council Meeting Schedule

Each semester the Council meets at least once and additional meetings are at the discretion of the group. The first meeting is announced in advance through the course representatives in each section, and representatives may choose to invite all German Studies students to a meeting. The Council elects a chairperson in that first meeting. Subsequent meetings are determined by the governance of the council and are announced in a similar fashion. Meetings will also be announced here.

German Student Council Members

The composition for the German Student Council fluctuates each semester. Course representatives will be listed here once nominated.